Your personal data as well as those of your company constitute an asset that must be protected in compliance with the new data protection provisions of German and EU law. The same applies to the data of your customers, employees, and other contractual partners, whereby the underlying legal regulations, overall protective measures governing confidentiality, and compliance with proper corporate governance measures must be observed. The increasing use as well as abuse of modern data processing requires more comprehensive legal regulations to protect data, regardless of whether this is your own data or the data of third parties used by you. For you, this is not only about protecting such data, but also about avoiding having to pay compensation to third parties. The same applies to the protection of IT-technical developments that are carried out or commissioned by you or your company and securing related industrial property rights. We also advise you about how to protect or defend any rights, including trademarks, names, or domains that were created by you as well as copyrighted works against third-party claims. We review your company’s compliance with regulations and requirements as part of a comprehensive compliance audit and then provide the relevant regulations/guidelines for this compliance.